Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampener | Tuned Bundle

Bundle Pack: 3 Tuned Dampeners (Balance, Power, Control)

Elevate your game with the Tuned Dampener Bundle Pack. Whether it is Balance, Power, or Control, you'll get the best dampening results on each surface and throughout the lifespan of your strings. Our revolutionary devices feature the AMbelievable™ proprietary technology at its core. 
  • Advanced vibration control: A complex internal lattice structure scatters and absorbs vibrations with unprecedented efficiency. 
  • Enhanced stability: Experience a noticeably stabler racket for cleaner, more precise shots. 
  • Featherlight design: At just 1.3 grams, it won't affect your racket's balance.
Experience a new level of control and shot quality with the AMbelievable™ Tuned Dampener. This is where cutting-edge innovation meets peak performance, giving you the edge you need on the court. 

20.48 € 20.48 EUR 20.48 € VAT Included 29.97 €

20.48 € VAT Included 29.97 €

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