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Additive Startup Winner - Patent Pending

 Seeking a game-changing device to elevate your tennis performance?

A Revolutionary 

3D Printed  

tennis dampener 

for supercharged players!

Experience a tennis dampener that sets new standards for lightweight design, aerodynamics, innovation, and sustainability. The future of sports equipment is here!​


​Looking for a secret weapon to improve your tennis?  

The world-first  3D Printed   tennis dampener 

for sports superheroes .

We leveraged the latest Additive Manufacturing technologies to create a lighter ,  more aerodynamic,  uniquely innovative , and more sustainable tennis dampener — the one and only  fully personalizable !



A tennis dampener that can selectively interfere with target vibration frequencies.


A novel functioning principle, a tennis racket shock absorber with unparalleled results.


Faster development cycle. Distributed manufacturing on demand. Recyclable.


Functionally personalizable to your needs, the best tennis dampener you could ask for.

A unique tennis dampener.

A unique tennis dampener.

Universal Features

One fits all, yet better.

Lighter & Aerodynamic

1 gram of high-technology, improved air resistance (Patent Pending)

Innovative Functioning

Unlike other devices, it doesn't just absorb vibration (Patent Pending)

Selective Absorption

Engineered to damp specific, harmful frequencies only (Patent Pending)

Personalized Features

Beautifully unique, just like you.


Each racket vibrates differently, we take care of it (Coming Soon)


Strings Type affects the vibrations, too. We cover that, too (Coming Soon)


The way you hit, the vibes you produce. You got the point... (Coming Soon)

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The Ambelievable™ Tennis Dampener Focus Group

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You don't need to wait, we will ship right after your order!

AMbelievable Tennis Dampener Product Shot
Packaging (Italian market) and Product Preview. 
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