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Additive Startup Winner - Patent Pending

An AMbelievable™ Project

Additive Manufacturing <> Unbelievable Performances

Additive Appliances Srl

Established in 2021, Additive Appliance is an award-winning startup developing Additive Manufacturing-related Intellectual Property for the next generation of consumer goods.

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Digital Innovation Hub 

The company is awarded with the Digital Innovation Hub World Grant (H2020) and started a fruitful collaboration with Kilometro Rosso Spa –a leading European Innovation District.

Winner Additive Startup Award

The company is announced as a winner of the Additive Startup Challenge, being recognized among the most-promising startups in the Additive Manufacturing industry. 


The AMbelievable™ project development starts in  2022, requiring months of research and development efforts and the most advanced engineering and manufacturing technologies.

European Patent Office Filing

After intensive on-the-court tests with professional and recreational tennis players, the AMbelievable Tennis Racket Dampener is finally ready and the patent filed.

TCT Awards Finalist

At the end of March 2023, the project is announced as a finalist of the prestigious TCT Awards —Consumer Goods. Among the six finalists are big names such as HP, Microsoft, Shapeways, and Formlabs.

Is that all?

Nope. We have other projects ongoing, about tennis and other sports, too. The sporting goods disruption by Additive Manufacturing has begun. Stay tuned!                   

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